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A central exchange with the main chain
Transparent open community management
Assets transparent digital asset exchange platform, the world’s opening of 100 chain exchanges
Solve a series of requirements for users to issue digital assets from the main chain to the listing and financing circulation
Pair Latest price 24h Volume 24h Low 24h High 24h Change Action
BTC / USDT -- -- -- -- --
LTC / USDT -- -- -- -- --
ETH / USDT -- -- -- -- --
MCC / USDT -- -- -- -- --
ETH / BTC -- -- -- -- --
LTC / BTC -- -- -- -- --
MCC / BTC -- -- -- -- --
Start up board
Pair Latest price 24h Volume 24h Low 24h High 24h Change Action
LTC / BTC -- -- -- -- --
How to dig ore?
The transaction at the MCC is considered as mining, and the user is considered a “miner” and the mining output is the platform coin MCC. The MCC introduces an intelligent adjustment mechanism. The mining output is intelligently adjusted according to the trading volume of the exchange. You only need to trade in the MCC, and the transaction fee generated will be converted into the platform currency MCC, which will be returned to your account every two hours.
MCC is Ethernet standard ERC20 token (1:1 convertible main chain currency). MCC was produced by "trading or mining", with a total of 5 billion, of which 60% were excavated by miners, the remaining 40% were pre issued and frozen, and the frozen part thawing as the miners excavated.
How to get a profit?
Every two hours is a dividend period. The platform will distribute dividends on a periodic basis. The MCC will use 50% of the platform's total fee income as a bonus bonus to be awarded to users who hold MCC. Take a snapshot of the MCC account every hour, count each account to be scored red, and distribute it once every two hours to the MCC holder account.Details
The usage scenario of MCC
  • Main chain token
  • Trading dividend
  • Vote on the coin
  • Fee deduction
Trading platform roadmap
  • 2015.3
  • 2016.2
  • 2017.5
  • 2018.7
  • Release of the 1 version of the MCC main chain,

    Intelligent contract and custom programming

    interface standard.

  • Release 2, through the open API interface,

    The data is fast on the chain.

  • Release 2.5, end the underlying version

    Only the "chain" has no "evidence"

    of the era.

  • First public research

  • 2018.8 before
  • 2018.8
  • 2018.8
  • 2018.8
  • 2018.9
  • Exchange On line

  • Open intelligent contract


  • Opening up income distribution

    through intelligent contracts

  • A new type of digital asset

    evaluation system Screening the

    circulation transactions

    ofdigital assets on the market

  • Support the main chain available

    MCC issue digital assets

MCC mainstream currency chain
Transaction engine
An alternative to blockchain smart contracts - the trading engine that not only satisfies the programmability requirements of contracts on the blockchain, but also avoids the security issues faced by smart contracts.
In the early stage of MCC, ETC20 standard tokens were used. After the MCC mainstream currency public chain was launched, MCC could exchange 1:1 for MCC mainstream currency. In the MCC public chain transfer, one MCC is required to pay for the miners, and the issue side chain needs to pay 1000 MCC miners. The miners of the public chain annihilate 10% of each mine. The total net annihilation is 99.49%, and the remaining 21 million.
Basic trading engine
The basic trading engine is the basic building block of the mainstream currency chain trading engine. They are all embedded in the core layer of the mainstream currency chain. The application system can be called only through the API.
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